Anomaly Posters by Miho Sadogawa: Obsidian

Niantic's Ingress Shop

While on a covert fact finding mission in Japan, NIA operatives discovered a rare Sensitive who channeled Exotic Matter into graphic arts. Miho Sadogawa, inspired and energized by XM, has been a rumored presence amongst Agents in TokyoTaipei, and Hong Kong for some time, but only recently has she been confirmed in public. Her art draws from the concentrated energy of global Anomalies, capturing the spirit of each of the last five in the series: Darsana, Shonin, Persepolis, Abaddon, and Obsidian.

Niantic is happy to announce a limited edition run of 11 x 17 inch, high gloss prints created by Miho. 

Artist's website:

$ 20.00